Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Rehearsals have begun in Lexington!

Our rehearsals have gotten off to a lovely start this season with our four talented Young Ladies: Aurora, Eliana, Elizabeth & Katherine! This week we will delve into the choral music, solos, the first set of readings, and "Rufty Tufty," one of the dances we will be performing. A fabric field trip is in the works to procure supplies needed for Sewing Workshop, where several of the girls will be learning to make their own costumes.

Monday, July 1, 2013


We have four slots left for those interested in becoming involved in our truly unique historical performance experience! Contact joannamsoprano@gmail.com for an informal interview. Our rehearsals begin July 22nd and our performance will be August 10, 2013. We will be rehearsing 3 afternoons a week, potentially with extra dance rehearsals scheduled. 

Our sewing workshop will take place during Week One outside of regular rehearsals and will include a "field trip" to JoAnn fabrics as well as two workshop days of sewing instruction and work on gowns. 

For photos and videos, please visit www.joannamanring.com and select "The Jane Austen Singing School" on the menu.