Sunday, August 14, 2011

Summer Entertainment a great success!

Dobson Hall at the First Presbyterian Church

Our performance of August 7th was very well-received especially considering the temperature of 82 degrees in the hall, which was filled to capacity!! Among the feedback received about our August 7th performance, some moving comments came to my attention:

"I was in a trance the whole time. This was so special to me."

"They look like they're having so much FUN!"

"When I left I felt more peaceful than I have in a very long time."

So, congratulations to all our Young Ladies & Gentlemen, and again, thanks to SKARTS, JASNA, and the First Presbyterian Church! Here are some of the "first round" of photos (credit to Peggy Manring)

Maria McLean and Abbie McMahon

Julia Hearn & Christina Marshall
Maddie VanRiper
Emily Short and Imogen Olson

Kate Klein and Caroline Manring

Kyle Cherchio and Emily Short, (or is it Wickham and Lizzie?)

Draper's Gardens Waltz

Shawn Cherchio? or Mr. Darcy?

Christina Marshall, Jon Marshall, Kyle & Shawn Cherchio

Julia Hearn, Christina Marshall, Joanna Manring, Imogen Olson, Emily Short

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